Easy Ways To Stay Safe

Medical ID’s are a fantastic thing to have, no matter what kinds of medical conditions you have.  It is important to have some sort of identification on you if anything were to happen to you. (fainting, seizure, fall, injury, etc.)

Here are some tips!

American Medical ID has a huge selection of bracelets and necklaces online that can be custom engraved to say your name and anything else you want to add.


medical id silvermedical id goldmedical id rubber

I personally have the silver one on the top left, but after wearing it for over a year the chain started to fall apart a little bit from all of the wear and tear, so a friend of mine actually made me a new chain that I was then able to attach the ID tag to, all it needs is a chain that has one clasp on each end.  So now it is a pretty and very useful accessory.


Another thing you can do, if you’re a little bit tech savvy, is to use a medical id on your iPhone.  If you have iOS 8, there is actually a health app right on your phone. It is a white square with a pink heart in the cornerIf you click on it, on the bottom right there is a button that says medical id.  Once you click on that, you can enter your information.


Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 7.42.33 PM

This information can even be accessed if your phone is locked, simply by sliding to the left and then pressing the emergency button which will be on the bottom left!

Please pass this information along, it could save a life!


Am I Letting This Hold Me Back?

After so much thinking, I decided to withdraw my study abroad application in October.  I entered college with the intention of going abroad.  I had been looking forward to it since I was in high school and started learning Spanish.  When I was 16 I traveled to Spain for nine of the most amazing days I had ever had.  Now, almost five years later, I am sitting here in New York while my friends are off having the time of their lives in Europe.  Within the past year and a half, I have had so many hospital visits and so many flare ups of my blood clots, that I knew I shouldn’t risk it.  I would not have been able to travel as much as I had originally planned to because I am not able to fly for long periods of times.  Although my Spanish is pretty good, I would be scared to not be able to communicate with a doctor if something were to happen to me.

I am so happy for my friends but at the same time I can’t help but be so jealous, and feel that it is unfair that I am not able to be there with them.

I also can’t help but think that maybe, maybe.. I am overreacting? Is it my anxiety that is tricking me into thinking my history with blood clots is worse than it actually is?

Did I make the right decision? Or was I overreacting and limiting myself?